Ordinance No. 2015-09.08C

Accessory building means structures referred to as appurtenant structures. An accessory building is a structure which is on the same parcel of property as a principal structure and the use of which is incidental to the use of the principal structure. Each parcel may contain only one accessory building. Accessory buildings shall not be located within the parcel's front 25-foot setback line. Accessory buildings shall be secured to the ground and shall meet National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) regulations for new construction and all FEMA standards. 


***Please fill out this FORM along with the appropriate building permit application and return to:

Building Official at City Hall
1304 Monument Dr., Surfside Beach, TX 77541
email: cityhall@surfsidetx.org


Please read and understand the ordinance requirements for accessory buildings.-

  • Only one (1) accessory building is allowed per parcel of property as a principal structure.
  • The accessory building for which this permit is issued is 100 square feet or less.
  • The accessory building must be tied down, and at some point, an inspector from the Village of Surfside Beach will go to the property to verify the proper anchoring of the accessory building.
  • The accessory building will be located behind the front 25-foot property setback line.
  • The accessory building is not allowed to be a habitable structure at any time.
  • The accessory building cannot be modified for a different use in the future.
  • The accessory structure should be no more than a minimal investment.