Citizens needing culverts for their property should fill out a Culvert Request Form and submit it to the Village of Surfside Beach City Hall front office. 

Before purchasing your concrete culvert from the supplier of your choice, the Village of Surfside Beach Floodplain Manager will determine the correct diameter size of the concrete pipe you need, and we will then notify you of the correct size to purchase.

When you have taken delivery of the culvert to your property, please notify The Utility Clerk in the front office at 979-233-1531, x104. We will notify the Brazoria County Road and Bridge Department for you.

Be sure to mark the location on your property where you wish to have the culverts set.

New culverts will be backfilled with soil or other material available on site at the time culvert is set. You must purchase any material other than in-place soil from a vendor of your choosing with delivery to the site before culvert is set. The county will pick up your fill material and deliver it to you free of charge if you make prior payment arrangements with either Sorrell Trucking at 979-233-6655 or Vernor Materials & Equipment at 979-233-3366. If you choose either Sorrell Trucking or Vernor Materials & Equipment for your materials vendor and would like the county to pick up this material and deliver it to you, please notate this on the form.

A standard driveway length is typically 20 feet.  You must supply clean-out ports if the culvert is longer than 40 feet.