HOTEL REGISTRATION - Per City Ordinance, individuals, partnerships, corporations or organizations with the intent to rent their property on a short term basis (less than 30 days per renter) are required to register their property as a hotel with The Village of Surfside Beach. Your Hotel Registration Application and $50 registration fee must be submitted and processed before short term rental of the property is advertised or begins. Once the registration is processed, the property will be assigned an account number and activation code, which will be used to activate your registration on MUNIRevs, our new Hotel Occupancy Tax remittance system. Registration submissions can be made by email to or by mail to 1304 Monument Drive, Surfside Beach, Texas 77541.

HOTEL OCCUPANCY TAX – Surfside Hotel Occupancy Taxes are due quarterly each year. All taxable income must be reported and 4% paid to the Village of Surfside Beach through MUNIRevs. You are still required to submit a tax report form if you had zero income for the quarter. Past due penalties will apply for late submissions. If you have been in operation and have not submitted your registration, you will need to file reports and pay tax, plus applicable penalty, and interest for the period of time you have been in business.


  1.  Go to:
  2.  Click on the Green "Go" button on the left-hand side for "New Users Registration"
  3. Enter your email address and click "Continue"
  4. Follow the instructions in the verification email you will receive. You will click on the link that directs you to a secure registration screen.
  5. Create a password and fill in your User Profile information. Click on the orange "Continue to Business Profile" button.
  6. On the Business Profile page, you will connect your business using the account number and activation code provided to you after registering with the Village of Surfside.
  7. Click the blue "Lookup" button once both are entered.
  8. Choose a role from the drop-down list and click the green "Connect" button
  9. Click the orange "Go to Business Center" button
  10. Hotel Occupancy Tax Forms are located in the "Open Tasks" section of the Business Center. 

For assistance, call MUNIRevs at 1-888-751-1911 or email


If you have any questions regarding the Hotel Occupancy Tax for the Village of Surfside, please call the Community Services Representative at 979-233-1531 ext. 106 or email