The Village of Surfside Beach requires those wanting to build new construction as well as remodel/add onto an existing structure to get a building permit from City Hall.  Select the type of permit you need from the following: 


Beachfront property is defined as property lying either up to the first public road generally parallel to the public beach or to within 1,000 feet of mean high tide, whichever is greater.  Generally, this is any property seaward of Bluewater Highway or Fort Velasco Drive.  However, there are some properties landward of Bluewater Highway that lie within 1,000 feet of mean high tide jurisdiction of the Texas General Land Office.
Upon completion of your application and inclusion of all required documentation, you may submit by email using or by dropping off your application packet to city hall. Only after receiving all required documents will the review process begin. 

Call the Building Official at (979) 233-1531, x102 if you have any questions.  We're here to help you.