A popular surround below the footprint of a home is a louvered system. Louvers can encompass the entire footprint of the home. They are not limited to 299 sq. ft. The louvered slats can be no thicker than one inch and an opening ratio of 40 percent is required. Louvered slats are to remain unfastened. During a tropical event we recommend you remove the slats and store them safely and put roll up doors in the upright position.

Please review our surround Ordinance No. 2016-03-08B.

A building permit is required for a surround. The following documents are required:

  • Completed Remodel Addition Permit Application appropriate for your location.
  • A sketch showing the location of the proposed louvers in relationship to the pilings.
  • Current color photos of the lot indicating if there are any dunes on the property (only if the property is in the jurisdiction of the General Land Office). The Building Official will take these photos.
  • Non-Conversion Agreement. Fill it out, sign it before a notary and take it to the Brazoria County Clerk's Office to file as a deed restriction. See Procedures

If the property is in the jurisdiction of the GLO, the Building Official will send your permit application to them for a ten working day review and comment period. Please plan accordingly.