Surfside Beach is called "Surfside" for a reason. Surfside Beach produces some of the best, most consistent surf on the upper Texas coast. It works on small swells and holds double overhead and better. Two factors are responsible for this fact: deep water and long jetties. Deep water is much closer here and south of here, only about eight miles offshore, compared to 35 miles at Galveston. The deeper water allows the swell to pass without decreasing wave size from the drag of shallow water.  The best surf is usually a half mile+ or so north of the jetty, at or near Texas Street.

Under a strong S/SW wind, the jetty blocks side shore wind while allowing the swell to wrap cleanly to the beach. A strong NE/E/SE wind creates overhead surf, but the onshore wind creates choppy conditions.   Portions of this review are from Superior Surfboards.

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